What should be known prior to registration

About the project

UNITED TSUPIS is a joint project of the Non-Banking Financial Company Mobile Card Limited (NBFC Mobile Card Ltd) and the Union First Self-Regulatory Organization of Bookmakers to set up a center for accounting transfers of bookmaker’s office online bets.

NBFC Mobile Card Ltd. (License No. 3522-K of Bank of Russia, address: 191024, Russia, city of Saint Petersburg, 2-ya Sovetskaya ulitsa 27/2, letter А, office 62H) — a non-banking credit company that conducts transactions of funds transfers on behalf of individuals. Within the project UNITED TSUPIS, NBFC Mobile Card Ltd. transfers players' funds to the Bookmakers, Partners of UNITED TSUPIS, and from the Bookmakers to the players.

The list of the Bookmakers who are Partners of UNITED TSUPIS can be found in the Partners section Partners.


To carry out transactions to the benefit of the Bookmakers, you are required to get registered on the site.

Upon registration you need to provide the following information:
  • Actual phone number: it will receive SMS with validation codes of withdrawal transactions, to change and restore passwords and change the phone number;
  • Name: it is used by UNITED TSUPIS for a request in notices;
  • Work email: it will receive checks for transactions and important notifications from UNITED TSUPIS;
  • Password: it should be known to nobody, and it should be safe (at least 8 characters, at least one capital letter, at least one digit).

To confirm the phone number, an SMS is sent with a code which must be entered in the registration form. Employees of UNITED TSUPIS do not request this code for confirmation.

Before registering you should read the Offer that tells about the procedure for using the personal account, conduct of transactions, and rights and responsibilities of NBFC and a player.

Upon registration on the site, each user is provided with TSUPIS Wallet.

Personal account (TSUPIS Wallet)

A login of the personal account is the phone number specified upon registration on the UNITED TSUPIS website. The login can be changed in the personal account settings or by contacting Customer Support of UNITED TSUPIS.

The password to enter the personal account is the password specified upon registration. The password can be changed in the Settings section of the personal account or restored on the personal account authorization page. A transaction is confirmed by an SMS code that is sent to the phone number used as the login.

A Customer’s personal account can be locked, i.e. the access right to the personal account can be temporarily restricted. The locking can be effected both upon the Customer’s initiative (upon a request to the Customer Support) and upon the initiative of UNITED TSUPIS when there are suspicions of a violation of the procedure of using the personal account or it is necessary to provide for safety of the personal account and its funds. The full list of the causes is described in clause 3.8 of the Offer.

UNITED TSUPIS reserves the right to delete a personal account if the Customer does not make any transactions within 1 year.


To be able to conduct transactions, after registration it is necessary to undergo an identification procedure.

Identification can be performed at the Bookmaker's betting shops, Contact payment system points, Svyaznoy mobile stores, or on the Gosuslugi website. The available methods of identification are indicated in the personal account.

If the data are changed (the Customer receives a new passport or changes the registration address), the Customer must notify NBFC within three business days.

Identification of citizens of the Russian Federation requires a passport. For simplified identification, you need a passport and an additional document — INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) or SNILS (Personal Insurance Policy Number). Simplified identification is available for Russian Federation citizens only.

Identification of non-residents of the Russian Federation requires a set of documents depending on the residence status.


All transactions are conducted according to rates and limits placed in the section Legal Information.

Each Bookmaker has his own set of deposit and withdrawal methods. the available channels, crediting periods, and restrictions are specified in the  Rates.

All transactions are conducted in Russian rubles.

Transactions can be conducted only with bank cards of Russian banks.

A personal account cannot be used to conduct transactions related to the financing of political and public activities of any persons, including non-commercial and public organizations, except for religious and charitable organizations duly registered.

UNITED TSUPIS can introduce restrictions on the conduct of transactions for Customers. To find out how to remove the restrictions, please contact the Customer Support of UNITED TSUPIS.

For Clients who have been identified, the maximum amount of one transaction can not exceed 595 000 rubles, for Clients who have undergone a simplified identification, 60 000 rubles. You can transfer no more than 40 000 rubles per calendar month to e-wallets through UNITED TSUPIS.

The Customer must correctly and fully specify the details of the means of payment when conducting transactions.

To deposit funds from a bank card or e-wallet to a personal account or to withdraw funds from a personal account to the above mentioned channels, including the bank account, it is necessary to specify the details of the means of payment and confirm the transaction.

You can read in more detail in Rules for transfer of electronic funds.


UNITED TSUPIS sends notifications on transactions to Customers in one of the following ways: in the personal account after the payment with an option of printout, to Email, or submits an extract on the transactions.

UNITED TSUPIS can send information messages and commercials to Email or SMS.

You can decline commercials at any moment by contacting the Customer Support of UNITED TSUPIS.

If the Customer changes the contact data, they should be renewed in the personal account in the section Settings.


The Customer must keep his/her login and password from the personal account safe and not hand it over to any third parties.

If the Customer finds out that the access to the personal account is lost or suspects that the login and password have become known to third parties, he/she must immediately contact the Customer Support of UNITED TSUPIS to lock the personal account or change the password.

Employees of UNITED TSUPIS never ask for an SMS code that comes to make transactions on the site.

You can read on the protection of funds in more detail in the section Safety.


The Customer can contact the Customer Support of UNITED TSUPIS by any manner:
  • by phone 8 495 122-20-88;
  • through the Write us button on the website.;
In the Customer Support you can:
  • get advice on how to use your personal account;
  • receive information on the personal account;
  • lock the personal account;
  • delete the personal account;
  • leave a statement, proposal, claim, or complaint.

You can read about it in more detail in Procedures of handling requests of customers who are individuals

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